Norman and Margaret Gillen


Our Story...

Eureka? Tintic Mountains? Juab County? Mining District? The Chief? Walter Fitch?

Have you heard the expression "you don't know what you don't know"?  Well, a Navy retiree and a full-time homemaker, parents of 4 children, didn't know What or Where the above things were!!  Nor did they have a lifelong passion to own and operate Bed and Breakfast.  So how did the B & B grow into existence?

Plant the seed of a Tooele Transcript Bulletin classified ad for the sale of a "Bungalow Mansion" in the fertile soil of 17 years Real Estate investing and rehab experience, fertilize with EPA remediation of wind-blown legacy mine tailings in Eureka City, water with John, a jack-of-all-trades craftsman, The Home Depot, Standard Plumbing and a full-time job at the Idaho National Laboratory, weed out doubts and debts, a leaking balcony, a nay-saying city council and 4-foot deep snow falls and harvest an attractive, welcoming place where "you can put your feet on the coffee table"!!!

Norman and Margaret Gillen, your hosts, thoroughly enjoy meeting people and making their guests feel right at home.  Norm is retired Navy, and Margaret is a career mom and great nurturer.  They have lived in Virginia, California, Michigan, New York, Idaho and Utah.  During the restoration of the Inn they lived in Tooele, Utah.  Just as Walter Fitch was an outsider who established the Chief Consolidated Mining Company which resuscitated the dying Tintic Mining District, the Gillen’s saw potential for preserving his legacy in the decrepit house which they purchased in 2006.


The Tintic Goldminer’s Inn Bed and Breakfast interior was restored from 2007 through 2009:  insulating;  updating antiquated systems;  decorating;  and installing a modern kitchen to provide for our guest’s needs; all while maintaining the original character and authenticity of this former C. Fred Johnson residence.  But don’t expect perfection – the Inn is still a work in progress (especially the exterior)!

Visit us and share your story about Eureka, the Tintic Mountains, Juab County, the Historic Tintic Mining District, the Chief Consolidated Mine or the Fitch family (as well as your greatest adventure!).