Eagle Blue Bell head frame and equipment building

Vernon Wonderstone
Vernon Wonderstone

Attractions near Eureka Utah


Attractions located within 5 miles
Eagle Bluebell mine ruins
Tintic Mining Museum
Ghost Towns
Eureka cemetary

ATV UTV Jeep trails


Attractions 6 to 30 miles away
Little Sahara Recreation Area (Sand dunes), Lyndall
Vernon wonderstone, Vernon
Paul Bunyons Woodpile
Young Living Farms, Mona

Attractions greater than 30 miles away
Timpanogas Caves, American Fork
Mt. Nebo Scenic Loop Byway, Nephi
Baker Hot Springs, north of Delta
Topaz Mountain, north of Delta
Trilobytes, west of Delta (www.u-digfossils.com)
Simpson Springs/ Pony Express Trail, n of Vernon
Dugway Geode Beds n of Vernon

Located on Main Street in the small town of Eureka Utah is the Tintic Mining Museum.  This Museum is filled with relics from this towns history dating back to the late 1800's. 
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The Tintic Silver Festival takes place each year the 3rd weekend in August.  This festival offers fun activities for the whole family and turns this quiet little town into a bustling little city. More Information

Located approx 2 1/2 miles south of Eureka Utah, you will come to a small sign marking the turn off to Silver City.  Silver City was once a bustling mining town with a population of 1500 people. More Information

Utah's off road playground.  Little Sahara Recreation Area commonly known as Jericho Sand Dunes, is a sandy reminder of Lake Bonneville. A plentiful sand source and strong prevailing winds have combined to create Little Sahara, one of the largest dunes fields found in Utah. More Information

Located 20 miles SW, off of highway US 6


Spend a day collecting Wonderstone in the Vernon Hills. Wonderstone is a volcanic rock composed predominantly of volcanic glass particles which have been welded or stuck together by heat and compacted by the weight of overlying material. More Information

Simpson Springs is located on the Pony Express Trail.  Simpson Springs was one of the most dependable watering points in Utah's west desert. It has long served mans needs, Indians used it and early travelers and explorers counted on finding water here. It bears the name of one explorer. Caption J. H. Simpson, who stopped here in 1858 while searching for an overland mail route between Salt Lake City and California. More Information

The Pony Express Trail is approx 40 miles north, along highway SR 36


Topaz Mountain is home to Utah's State Gem Stone.  This range is very popular to rock collecting enthusiasts. Clear Topaz can be seen glittering in the sunlight all over the ground.  Washes are a great place to find clear Topaz.  But if you're looking to find the more sought after amber colored Topaz you will have to do a little work. More Information

Located 68 Miles West


Baker Hot Springs is a natural spring that has been piped into three man made soaking tubs.  You can control the water temperature by allowing more hot or cold water to flow into the tubs.  This spring is not commercialized. More Information

Located Approx 58 Miles West


Timpanogos Cave National Monument